Which insurance to choose for a trip to India?

What is the best travel insurance for IndiaThis is what most travelers ask themselves before leaving. India is a complex destination and tourists may be afraid of poor hygiene and health care which is sometimes difficult to access and not always effective. 

Water and food related illnesses are quite common in this country and although healthcare is not as expensive as in other countries, it is particularly important to have good travel insurance in India, so that in case of need, you have access to the best hospitals and professionals. It will also allow you to be repatriated quickly if necessary.

Comparison of the best travel insurance to go to India

In a country like India, medical care is simple and generally inexpensive…just like medicine. In fact, the number of pharmacies in Indian cities is surprising. We recommend that you do not carry a large first aid kit, and especially to buy mosquito repellent in India, because it is much cheaper with equal effectiveness or even more effective than that which can be purchased in the country of India. origin. The famous repellent from India is called Dooms and can be found in any pharmacy learn more from carinsuranceltd.

Do I need travel insurance to go to India?

Although, as we said, the medical care you might need while traveling in India is affordable, any complication that requires hospitalization, operations, etc. goes through the private sector. This is when it is better to have travel insurance for India, which for a much lower amount than we think would cover us for any type of incident.

India is a huge country with countless landscapes ranging from cities full of people – and chaotic traffic – to quiet mountains where you can walk above 5000m above sea level to endless places in between where it must be said, we are not immune to any accident. And even more if we take into account the metapopulation of India.

On the other hand, India is a country where hygiene measures in restaurants are notable for their absence, so it is usually very common to catch diarrhea within a few days. If things do get worse, you'll be thankful you got travel insurance for India.

Also remember that health care in India is very insecure unless you go to hospitals where the price of medical care is skyrocketing. For this reason alone, it is worth getting good travel insurance.

Covid in India

Due to the current health situation with Covid-19, it is very important to have travel insurance that includes medical assistance in case of coronavirus infection. This insurance must also cover any costs related to a last minute cancellation due to the health context (infection, contact case, confinement, etc.). Another advantage of getting insurance is that if you need a PCR, you can contact them and get an exclusive discount in a country like India.

How much are medical costs in India?

First aid medical expenses are quite accessible and cheap. However, the quality also follows for certain drugs. You will often find first-price products with very poor quality. What can quickly become expensive is hospitalization. If you have an accident or complications from an illness, you will have to go to a private hospital which generally costs much more.

What guarantees are needed to find the best travel insurance for India?

Here is a series of tips on the most important aspects that we think you should consider when taking out your travel insurance in India. Remember that depending on the insurance company you choose, so will the coverage it includes and the service it provides if needed.

Coverages : This point is even more important than the company you choose. Remember that depending on what your travel insurance for India includes, so will the assistance you will receive in addition to the compensations you have included for flight delays, baggage, theft…etc. It is therefore important to benefit from extensive health coverage and very professional customer service.

Will I have to advance money if something happens to me ? This is a very important point. Currently, there are many companies that provide medical assistance, but you have to advance the price so that once you return and present all the documentation and bills you are eventually reimbursed.
So choose an insurance with which you will never have to advance money. You only have to call them in case you need assistance and they will take care of everything, without you having to pay a single euro.

Contact and support information : remember that the contact and support information must be clear when signing the contract. The ideal is to be able to download an application, with which you will have all the data of your insurance, the possibility of making claims…etc, in addition to being able to call them for free from anywhere in the world.

Language : although it may not seem important, having someone to help you in your language or having an interpreter is essential, especially if you do not speak English or the language of the country you are traveling to.

What does my bank insurance cover?

If you have a premium credit card such as Visa or Mastercard, then you certainly have insurance included. However, you really have to be wary of them because they do not cover you in all cases. It is absolutely necessary to have paid for all of the reservations with the same premium bank card to be reimbursed for the amount indicated.

 Also note that most bank card insurance generally covers you only when you have an accident in a vehicle that you have reserved with the bank card. It is therefore essential to carefully read the conditions of the contract of your bank card.

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